Frequently Asked Questions

When adding Items to an Order, if an Item is showing 0 available, there are two possible conflicts:

  • If the Item is showing 0/0 available, either no quantity has been added to that Item yet or the Acquisition Date of the Item is after the current Order's Off-the-Shelf & Restock Time.
    • First check the Item Detail under the “Quantity Change Events” tab.
    • Be sure to compare the Acquisition Date with the Off-the-Shelf & Restock Time of the Order in question.
  • If the Item is showing 0/# (i.e. 0/10, 0/200, etc.), then there is a conflict with an existing Order. Right click on the Item to view the Item Usage Quick Display.
    • Pay attention to the Off-the-Shelf & Restock Times of the current Order and any conflicting Orders. Remember the Off-the-Shelf & Restock Times are the ONLY fields on the order that RW checks for availability.

If you're unable to pinpoint the conflict through one of these methods, always feel free to reach out to us at Please include the Item Name and the Order number with the conflict.

Within RW, once an Item is on an Order (whether Completed, Cancelled, etc.), the Item cannot be deleted (as you have probably found and why you are scouring our FAQs ?). This is to ensure your record of past Orders stays intact.

But have no fear! There is a simple way to clean up your inventory.

To remove an Item from your inventory, the FIRST priority is to update your inventory by reducing the quantity of the Item to ZERO.

Depending on your reason for removing the Item from your Inventory, we recommend reducing the quantity of an Item in one of the following ways:

  1. Use a new NEGATIVE Quantity Change Event.
  2. Use a Sale Order.

Once you have reduced the quantity of the Item to ZERO, you now have the option to Archive it.

Archiving Items help keep things accurate and up-to-date all while speeding up the performance of your RW Account. Win-Win.

You've just added pieces to your collection, you updated an Item with new styled photos, or made a recent change to quantity. But the changes aren't reflecting on your website right away…

You've refreshed your browser, signed out, signed back in, maybe even restarted your computer hoping to see these changes; but still, nothing.

We'd like to introduce you to our old friend (frenemy?), caching. There is a secret to the madness of why you aren't seeing these changes reflect right away. With caching, it may take 24-48 hours for updates to your RW Account to appear on your website.

To help you understand the mystery of caching, we have created a quick video unpacking it:

Caching Explained in Less Than Five Minutes

When you generate an Order PDF, you are opening the last saved version of the Order.

Whenever you make a change to an Order, it is a good rule of thumb to save the Order by click the green “Edit Order” & “Save Order” buttons. This will update your PDFs with the most up-to-date version.

This also goes for changes made to Items, Terms & Conditions, or other Account Settings that might affect an existing Order.

Here is a breakdown of How Changes Impact Existing Orders.

The red, yellow, or green dots next to your Orders are what we call Order Gauges. Order Gauges help you keep track of balances paid (Green) or past due (Red) as well as expiring Proposals (Yellow).

When you log into your RW Account, Dashboard Quick Metrics will let you know how many Orders have payments past due.

To locate these Invoices, head to Orders and sort by the Order Gauge column. All Orders with outstanding balances will have a Red dot next to them.

If you've included the reference tag ##DUE_DATE## when sending the Payment Link Email (via the Create Email button), the due date will populate based on the status of the Order.

For Proposals, the Due Date will be the Expiration Date of the Order to encourage Clients to pay their Deposits and confirm the Order.

For Confirmed Orders, the Due Date will be the Final Balance Due Date since the Deposit has already been paid.

Find out more about Payment Due Dates & Amounts.

Display your RW inventory right on your website through one of our integration options.

We provide options for WordPress, Squarespace, and Shopify website platforms. See Customizing Your Online Gallery for a full breakdown on the differences between each integration.

Don't have a WordPress site but want to utilize the Online Wishlist Creation Tool? Check out Online Gallery Options for non-WordPress sites.

Within RW Elephant, Wishlists do not guarantee availability. While in the status Wishlist, Items will not be checked for availability. Switch the status to Proposal to check for any potential conflicts.

The Wishlist Creation Tool via the WordPress Plugin is a helpful way to generate warm leads. Wishlists won't check for availability until they're converted to Proposals within RW.

Customers may enter quantities above and beyond what you have in stock which gives you insight into what they're interested in. For instance, if a potential client needs 200 Bentwood Chairs and you only have 180, allowing them to enter 200 gives you the power to save the sale. Having that information allows you to decide if subrenting or purchasing more is a viable solution.

If you are not seeing quantities displaying within the RW iOS App under Orders and Delivery Checklists, first check to see if Dark Mode is enabled on your Apple device within Settings.

Switch to Light Mode and verify that the Item details now display within the iOS App.

If switching to Light Mode doesn't clear up the issue for you, contact us by selecting “Get Support” within the App or emailing us directly at

When an Order is playing hide-and-seek, the first place to check is whether any of the “Hide” boxes in the bottom left corner of the orders section are ticked. Untick any relevant options.

If you still can't locate the Order, an Admin will need to display Archived Invoices within Account Settings under Order Settings.

After giving these a try, if you still can't locate the Order, shoot us an email at

If you try to delete a Category but are given this error message: “Unable to delete inventory type; currently in use.”

This means that there are Items living in the Category that need to be attended to. If you're not seeing any Items in the Category, you likely have hidden Archived Items.

To display Archived Items, head to Account and select “Item Settings.” Tick the “Display Archived Items” box.

Head back to Items and you should now see any Archived Items showing in italics. Before deleting the Category, you'll first need to move the Archived Items to a different Category. Once the Category is empty, now delete the Category by selecting the Category and pressing the “-“ button at the top of the Category column.

If you're still unable to delete the Category, shoot us an email at

To keep your Orders list current and up-to-date, consider Archiving past Orders. Archiving not only keeps your Order list cleaned up but also speeds up the performance of your RW Account.

Find out more about manually and automatically Archiving Orders here.

With the RW WordPress Plugin, we've thoughtfully curated the required Wishlist Submission form fields to collect just the right info to jumpstart the sales process.

The following fields are required: Name, Email, Phone, and Event Date

We've found that adding additional fields beyond the above required fields decreases the likelihood that your potential customer will actually submit the form.

With that in mind, the RW Plugin allows you to add extra fields to your forms to collect important information. Head to the Plugin Settings under the Wishlist tab.

At the bottom of the “Wishlist Form Fields” section, select the type of additional form fields you'd like to add (text, date, select, radio, checkbox, or email).

When a Wishlist is submitted, any additional form fields will populate in the Internal Notes section of the Order in RW.

To display Rental Pricing on your website, head to the Account icon in the upper right corner of your browser window. Select Online Gallery Settings in the column on the left. Click the green “Edit” button.

Under “Display in public gallery” tick the box for “Rental Price.”

Just a heads up that it may take 24-48 hours for the changes to display on your website. This is due to our old friend, caching. Learn more about Caching in RW Elephant Land.

If you're using the RW WordPress Plugin, also verify that pricing is enabled within the Plugin Settings under the “Items” tab. Make sure that the tick box is select to “Show” Price.

Keep in mind that only Admins have permission to display pricing.

When you head to Metrics, if your Delivery Fees & Delivery Revenue Metrics are returning $0 and 0% then you'll need to set up your Delivery category.

Let RW know which of your Items pertain to delivery by adding them to the “Delivery” Category.

If you don't have a Delivery Category yet, simply create a new Category and title it “Delivery” (be sure it's titled just so, with no extra spaces or characters).

Now add your Delivery Fees to the Delivery Category.

When you head back to Metrics, the Delivery Metrics will populate with any data from Orders with those specified Delivery Items.

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