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Item Names

Naming items with women’s names (Jane, Sue, Mary, Tess) or European cities (Berlin, London, Rome, Avignon) could be a good place to start. You’ll find that it is a helpful way to keep your staff, your clients, and other vendors on the same page about your items.

Because RW Elephant is a highly-searchable database, there’s no need to name your items serially or systematically like SK090UH Linen: Round: 90-inch: Pleated: Damask: Red. Instead, you can have “90-inch Red Samantha Linen,” “90-inch Green Samantha Linen,” “120-inch Round Green Joan Linen,” etc.

If you already have a coding system, you can include that in the custom ID that we’ll talk about in a bit. But we suggest that you keep your item names as simple as possible by making them unique.