So what did we do?

Lots of functions scratched out on napkins, a road trip across the country, and hundreds of programming hours later, RW Elephant was born. The inventory system was simple, easy-to-use, and had just the right amount of features for a small rental business.

We didn’t muck it up with extra functions we wouldn’t use. We kept it clean and efficient. RW Elephant has all the bells and whistles you’ll need and none that you don’t.

Meet the founders

Allison & Tim Howell created R.W. Elephant while driving through twenty-five states and three countries in the autumn of 2010. He’s a programmer-turned-physician. She’s got over a dozen years of experience in the Events Industry; most recently as a VP of Strategy at a Niche Event Rental Business. They make a fabulous team and can’t wait for you to check out their collaborative creation.

  • Allison Howell

    ARH is the sales & marketing brain of RW Elephant. She spends a lot of her time interacting with users, plotting about how to improve the software, and consulting with niche rental businesses about how to get better at what they do. When she’s not RWing, she enjoys riding her vintage Vespa, cooking Barefoot Contessa recipes, and hanging out with their sons EWH & OJH.

  • Tim Howell

    TWH is the man behind the code. He’s always thinking up and implementing new features for RW Elephant. An insatiably curious guy, Tim is constantly reading, learning, and scheming. He also has lots of hobbies including flying planes, building vacuum tube amplifiers, making homemade tonic water, and collecting airline miles.

Meet the team

  • Micaela


    Client Success Specialist

  • Tericar


    Right-Hand Gal

  • Jason


    Software Developer

  • Mark


    Interface Designer

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