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Inventory Quantity Change Events Report

The Inventory Quantity Change Events Report will show a chronological list of changes to your inventory quantities.

They will be organized by Date and will include the Item and Type.

If the Quantity Change Event is acquisition of new or additional inventory, the Quantity Change will be positive and the Unit Acquisition Cost and Total Acquisition Cost will be included.

If the Quantity Change Event is the sale of inventory, the Quantity Change will be negative and the Invoice Number and Sale Total will be included.

Use this report to see how your inventory quantities have increased or decreased during a period of time. You can also use this report to see the expenses you’ve incurred as well as the revenue you’ve recouped.

You can find reports within RW Elephant by navigating to the “Reports” icon in the upper left corner of your browser window.

Use the Report Type drop-down menu to choose the “Inventory Quantity Change Events.”

Select a prefixed date range or enter a specific date range you’d like the report to reflect and click the “Display Report” button.

A table will display of the Report that can be filtered and rearranged right within the Reports section of RW.

Untick column headers to hide them or drag and drop columns to rearrange them before downloading.

When you’re ready to download, click the “Download Report” button and the Report will generate as a spreadsheet saved to your computer. 

Once downloaded, the next time you generate the Report, RW will remember your previous filters and arrangements for quicker downloading.

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