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RW Elephant allows you to create three different kinds of Items: Inventory Items, Conceptual Items, and Tax Items.

All Items have the following in common:

  • They all “live” in the Items section of your RW Elephant account. Get to them by navigating to the Items icon in the upper left corner of your browser window.
  • They all must have a Name AND at least one Quantity Change Event.
  • You can add or delete any of the Items at any time using Quantity Change Events.
  • All Item availability is dependent on the Acquisition Date (within the Quantity Change Events) and the Off-the-Shelf and Restock Times of the Order.
  • Both Inventory Items and Conceptual Items can be either Taxable or Nontaxable.

Here are some things that are unique to Inventory Items:

  • Inventory Items are tangible goods that are rented (you can see and touch them).
  • Inventory Items get their pictures taken.

Here are some things that are unique to Conceptual Items:

  • Conceptual Items are intangible things that can be put on a rental Order like Delivery Fees, Styling Services, or Onsite Labor.
  • Conceptual Items will have a default quantity of “1” when added to Orders.

Here are some things that are unique to Tax Items:

  • Tax Items are like Conceptual Items in that they are intangible but they are for Sales Tax you have to collect on behalf of the state.
  • You can only have one Tax Item on any given Order.
  • If you only ever have to collect one Sales Tax rate, you won’t ever have to use a Tax Item. Your default Sales Tax Rate (set in your Account: Payment Settings) will take care of all your Sales Tax needs.

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