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Conceptual Items & Fees

Within RW Elephant, in addition to tangible Inventory Items, you can create Conceptual Items for things like service fees, damage waivers, discounts or other charges that aren't for tangible rentals.

Here’s a little insight about Conceptual Items within RW Elephant. Conceptual Items are like other Items in that they can be added to Orders as Line Items. They can be taxable or nontaxable. They have Names, Acquisition Dates, and Quantities.

However, they differ from other Items in a few ways:

  • Conceptual Items don’t include images.
  • On Orders, Rental Rate Multipliers do not apply to Conceptual Items.
  • On Orders, Conceptual Items have a default quantity of one.
  • On Order PDFs, Conceptual Items don’t display their quantity.
  • Conceptual Items can be percentages (positive for fees or negative for discounts).
  • By default, Conceptual Items are hidden from Delivery & Pull Tickets* as well as Order Checklists within the iOS App.

Your RW Elephant account comes prepopulated with quite a few common Conceptual Items in the “Fees” category.

*Conceptual Items can be displayed on Pull & Delivery Tickets through Template Regions.

Learn more about how to use Conceptual Items in our Conceptual Items Tutorial.

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