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Template Regions

With Template Regions you can modify certain fields to include or exclude on each Order PDF.

To find Template Regions, navigate to the Account Icon in the upper right corner of your browser. 

In the column on the left, select “Invoice Settings.” 

Click the green “Edit” button.

Select the middle tab, called Template Regions.

You will see several tick boxes that are already selected by default. These are the standard regions that are included on Order PDFs. 

However, you can untick any regions you wish to exclude or tick others that you want to include. 

The following regions can be customized on Order PDFs:

  • Terms & Conditions: Choose to include your various Terms & Conditions on Wishlists, Proposals, and/or Confirmed Orders. 
  • Double Signatures: By default, your Orders will only include the Client Signature line at the bottom of your Terms & Conditions. Ticking this box will add a double signature; one for Client Signature & one for your Company Signature.
  • Payment Box: The payment box includes Payment information and the space for your client to fill in their CC information or select to pay by Cash or Check. 
  • Item Dimensions: This displays the L x H x W (or however you have entered it) on each Item within the Order. *This column cannot be included if the Clean Template Style is chosen.
  • Item Description: Choose to display Item Descriptions in the Line Item Note section underneath each Item. 
  • Image Pages: By default, an Image page will be included on all of your PDFs. However, if you don’t have Images or don’t want to share Images with clients, you can omit these pages.
  • Images for Conceptual Items: If this region is ticked, Conceptual Items will appear on your Image Pages. If this area is ticked and you have uploaded Images for Conceptual Items (i.e. Delivery Fee, Discounts, etc.), then those Images will appear on Order PDFs. If you have not uploaded Images for Conceptual Items and keep this region ticked, the Item Name will display in the Image box. 
  • Conceptual Item Quantities: By default, when a Conceptual Item is added to an Order it will only add 1 quantity. Therefore, Conceptual Items will not show a Quantity or Line Item Price on Invoice PDFs. Only the Total Price for Conceptual Items will display. Tick this region to include the Quantity & Line Item Price of Conceptual items on Order PDFs. 
  • Conceptual Items: Since your crew doesn’t need to pull or deliver conceptual items, by default conceptual Items are omitted from your Delivery & Pull Tickets. However, if you have Conceptual Items that need action, you may want to include them.*
  • Page Numbers: Display Page Numbers at the bottom of each page to help clients and crew stay organized with multiple page PDFs (i.e. Page 1 of 5).

When making changes to any of these regions, you will need to click the green “Edit Order” then “Save Order” buttons on each existing Order you want to refresh with the change. 

You can also pick the style of your Order PDF through Template Styles and customize labels through Template Labels

*Conceptual Items will never appear on Order Checklists within the iOS App.