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Email Templates

RW Elephant wants you to be able to connect with your clients in whatever way works best for your business. That's why we implemented Email Templates.

Email Templates within RW Elephant allow you to compose email messages to your Clients that specifically reference their orders.

You can find your Email Templates in the Account section. Navigate to the Account icon in the upper right corner of your browser window, then choose “Email Templates” in the left column.

There are several default Emails Templates we’ve created for you, but you can also create and schedule your own.

Default Email Templates

The default email templates include:

The philosophy behind these templates is to give you the power to communicate however you’d like. For instance, if you have a very high-touch sales process, you may want your Wishlist Request email to be a friendly, “Hey we got your request, we’ll be in touch soon.” Then, behind the scenes, you’ll examine their request, organize it, make additional suggestions, and perhaps even have a phone call with the client before sending them the Wishlist Link email.

If, on the other hand, you want your clients to have access to as much information as possible on their own, you may include a link to their Wishlist PDF within the Wishlist Request email so they get their Wishlist right away with no personal intervention from you.

Every rental company that uses RW Elephant is different but they all want to be as consistent, efficient, and as helpful as possible for their clients. We want to partner with you to do just that. 

Custom Email Templates

In addition to our default templates, you can schedule and send your own automated emails based on specific event triggers. 

To create a new template, select the “+” button in the bottom right corner of the Email Templates list.

Click the green “Edit” button. 

Fill in the Email Schedule. 

First, enter the number of days then select Before or After in the drop-down. Lastly select the trigger —Event Date, Proposal Expiration, or Balance Due.

For example, you might want to send a reminder 3 days before a Proposal Expires or 2 days before a Final Payment is due.

Choose which types of Orders should get this email:

  • Orders with No Balance
  • Wishlist
  • Confirmed
  • Proposal
  • Sale

Fill in the Subject, BCC Emails, and Body of the Email. Choose to include Reference Tags to pull in Order-specific details.

Here is a Guide for the supported Reference Tags:

Your Company Name: ##COMPANY_NAME##

Event Date: ##EVENT_DATE##

Invoice Number: ##DISPLAY_INVOICE_ID##

Client Name (First and Last): ##CLIENT##

Client First Name: ##CLIENT_FIRST##

Client Last Name: ##CLIENT_LAST##

Invoice Total: ##INVOICE_TOTAL##

Deposit Due: ##DEPOSIT_DUE##

Remaining Balance: ##BALANCE##

Payment Due Date**: ##PAYMENT_DUE_DATE##

Balance Due Date: ##BALANCE_DUE_DATE##

Link to Invoice PDF: ##PDF_LINK##

Link to Online Payment Page***: ##PAYMENT_LINK##

To see what the email will look like to your customers, click the black “Send Me Test Email” button. This will send a test to your user email address.

When you’re satisfied with your template, turn on the “Activate” toggle in the upper right corner. 

Select the green “Save” button.

RW will send the automated email on your behalf at the scheduled time for each Order that meets the criteria. 

Create as many custom emails as you like and RW will be sure each customer is notified. 

All of the emails that RW sends on your behalf will be logged within the History tab of each given Order. 

Email Attachments

Upload attachments to include in your custom email templates.

To upload an attachment, select the “Attach File” button in the bottom left corner of the template.

From care instructions, to delivery expectations, to other important company documents, you can upload an attachment to your custom email and RW will send it out on your behalf. We recommend PDF, JPG, or PNG file types.

As always, don’t forget to send yourself a test before activating your custom template!

*Only available to users who have enabled Online Wishlist Creation via the Default Online Gallery, the WordPress Plugin or the Online Gallery Snippet for Squarespace or Shopify.  

**Payment Due Date will populate based on the Order Status. Proposals will generate the Proposal Expiration Date (Deposit Due Date). Confirmed Orders will populate the Final Balance Due Date. 

***This Reference Tag is only relevant to users who have enabled Integrated Credit Card Processing within R.W. Elephant.