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Order History

Keep track of what’s changed over the history of an Order and view emails that have been sent to your customer.

Within Orders, select an Order and head to the “History” tab.

Here you’ll see a running log of the history of the Order since it was created. RW will track certain Invoice changes as well as Emails that have been sent to the customer. 

Here’s what RW will track in Order History:

Invoice History

  • Anytime the green “Save Order” button is selected, a version of the Order PDF will be saved
  • Line Items – Added, deleted, or edited Items (price and quantity edits)
  • Payments – Added or deleted Payments
  • Order Status – The Order Status at each point the Order was saved
  • E-Signatures – When a Proposal is E-Signed through the Online Payment Pages

Email History

  • Automatic emails sent from RW on your behalf
  • Emails you’ve manually sent that include the Order History Email Address

Order Notes

  • Take time-stamped notes about the event or order
  • Tracked by Username

Invoice History 

For Invoice changes, the log will display a time stamp as well as the First & Last Name of the user that made the change as well as the Order Status.

Each saved version of the Order will also store a version of the Invoice PDF from that point in time. Click the “View PDF” button to access that time-stamped version of the Invoice.

Line Items & Payments

View specific changes to Line Items and Payments by color. Here’s what each color represents: 

  • Green – An added Line Item or Payment
  • Red- A removed Line Item or Payment 
  • Orange – An edited Price or Quantity of a line item. The previous Price or Quantity will display with a strike-through. The updated Price or Quantity will be displayed in bold. 


When a customer submits an E-Signature through the Online Payment Page, a version of the Signed Invoice PDF as well as a timestamp of the signature and name of the person who signed the Proposal will be stored in the History Log.

Email History

Throughout the life of an Order, RW Elephant automatically sends a few different emails to your customers on your behalf. 

These emails include: 

Each of these automated emails will be tracked within the History Log of the Order. 

History Email Address

You may also track other emails you manually send to a customer outside of RW Elephant using the unique History Email Address. To do so, head to the History tab of the Order. In the bottom right corner, click the black “Copy History Email Address” button. 

This will copy a unique email address for this particular Order. Include this email address in the BCC field of any other emails you send to the Client about this specific Order and RW will keep track of the communication within the Order’s History Log. 

Order Notes

Jot down notes about the Order that you don’t want to forget.

This is a great place for your Sales Team to track important conversations with clients, changes to event details (guest count, etc.), and note why certain changes were made to an Order.

To enter a note, select the black “Add Note” button in the bottom left corner of the Order History screen.

In the pop-up, enter the Date, Time, and specific note details. Click the black “Save Note” button.

The Note will populate in the timeline with the Username who made the note.

To edit an existing note, select the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the note. To delete a note, click the X icon in the upper right corner of the note.

Confirm the delete action by selecting “Yes.”