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Taxable and Nontaxable Items

RW Elephant allows Items to be taxable or nontaxable.* Indicate which items need to have tax applied to them by ticking the “Item is taxable” box in the bottom right corner of the browser window. 

An Item’s taxability on an Order is determined by its taxable settings at the time it was added to the Order.

If you change an Item’s taxability, it will not effect any existing Orders.

If you’d like it to effect any existing Orders, you’ll first need to remove the Item from the Order.

Now within the Item settings, tick or untick the “Item is taxable” box. 

Re-add the Item to the Order. The updates taxability will now show. 

*If your state or region does not require you to collect sales tax, we suggest you make all of your items taxable but just set your sales tax rate to “0%.” If you don’t, the line item note on your order PDFs will include “NOT TAXED” for every item.