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Stackable Items

Stackable items are identified as items that can be stacked for delivery or storage.

Each Item has a tick box to indicate that “Item is stackable.”

Once you have ticked the item as stackable, there are four options for how it can be stacked: 

  • No restrictions
  • On top only
  • ______ max
  • On bottom only


These items are not fragile and are so excited to get on the delivery truck that they will stack just about anywhere. This tells your delivery crew that they can in fact stack this item and they don’t have to worry about how or where. 


Velvet. Am I right? 

Items that are delicate and should only be stacked if they are on the top of other items get this designation. This will protect those precious gems during transport and ensure they arrive in pristine condition. 

_____ MAX

Some of your items can be stacked but really need a limit. Indicate how high they can go with this max amount. For example, your Tuscan Chairs can stack up to 10 but anything above that is walking on the wild side. In this case, you would input 10 for the max amount. 


Usually, your heavier, not-so-delicate items can have other items stacked on top of them but not vice versa. For example, large bars or non-impressionable couches are best kept on the bottom of the delivery truck or warehouse shelf and they can have other items stacked on top of them.

Marking an item as stackable will help keep things clear between you and your delivery crew and make sure your collection is taken care of as if you were the one loading your trucks yourself. RW will also use this info when calculating the total Volume of your Orders… get ready for easy scheduling and delivery planning!