RW Elephant 201

Sorting & Hiding Orders

By now you’ve probably amassed an impressive number of Orders. Which is great, but you may be looking at your list of Orders and feeling a bit overwhelmed by how many there are. Especially if you’re trying to look at a particular type of Order.

Well have no fear, RW has a few helpful ways to Sort and Select which Orders you see in your Orders column.

Start by clicking on the “Orders” icon in the upper left corner of your browser window.

In the Orders column, you’ll see a row of headers.

Event Date, Client, Invoice #, Status, Coordinator and Venue.

If you click the blank header just to the left of the Event Date header, you can sort your Order Gauges. But we’ll talk about those in our next tutorial.

When you click on any of the headers, you’ll see all the Orders sorted by that category. If you click the header a second time, it will reverse the order.

For example, you can have the Event Dates sorted with the oldest date at the top or the newest date at the top.

For Clients, Coordinators, or Venues, the Orders will be sorted alphabetically.

Now let’s say you no longer want to see all of your Completed or Cancelled Orders in the Orders column.

At the bottom of the Orders column, you’ll see Hide tick boxes: Completed, Proposal, Cancelled, Wishlist, Sale, and Damaged.

As you might guess, whenever you tick any of these boxes, presto change-o, those types of Orders will be hidden from your Orders column.

Untick the boxes and the Orders will reappear.

Feeling super organized all of a sudden? We hope so. But what are those colored dots by your Orders and what is an Order Gauge?

Well we won’t keep you in the dark any longer. Get to the next tutorial and find out.