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Template Labels

To edit Template Labels, navigate to the Account Icon in the upper right corner of your browser.

In the column on the left, select “Invoice Settings” about half way down. 

Select the “Template Labels” tab.

Click the green “Edit” button.

You will see a list of labels with text boxes next to them.

Changeable labels include:

  • Phone
  • Fax
  • Customer
  • Customer Phone
  • Order Detail
  • Order Type
  • Rental Date
  • Delivery Window
  • Pickup Window
  • Will-Call Pickup
  • Will-Call Return
  • Venue & Contacts
  • Coordinator
  • Venue
  • Onsite Contact
  • Order Note
  • Rental Order
  • Setup Window
  • Teardown Window
  • Order (Proposals)
  • Order (Confirmed)
  • Item
  • Dimensions
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Multiplier
  • Total
  • Order Status
  • Last Modified
  • Payments Received
  • Taxable Sales Total
  • Sales tax
  • Nontaxable Sub
  • Order Total
  • Deposit Required
  • Proposal Expires
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Payment Information

If you leave the text boxes as they are, these standard Default Labels will generate on Order PDFs.

To edit one of these labels, type in the new word or phrase in the box next to the label you wish to change.

For example, say you need to refer to Sales Tax as “GST.” In the text box next to Sales Tax, type “GST.”

When you are finished with your edits, make sure to click the green “Save” button. 

If changes are made to any of these Labels, be sure to click the green “Edit Order” then “Save Order” buttons on each existing Order you want to refresh with the change. 

However, all new Orders you create will reflect the updated labels automatically. 

Here’s an example of an Invoice PDFs with all the modifiable labels highlighted in yellow. 



Additionally, these Labels are helpful if you need to translate to a language other than English. If you would like your entire PDF translated to another language, get in touch with us at 

You can also pick the style of your Order PDF through Template Styles and modify sections through Template Regions.