Default Line Item Note

Use the Default Line Item Note field to create a note that automatically populates on your Orders. The Line Item Note will then be editable on an Order-by-Order basis and will appear on your Invoices, Pull Tickets, and Delivery Ticket PDFs.

Here are some examples of how you might use this field:

  • A full-length mirror could have the default note “ Wrap with green moving blanket” for safe transport every time.
  • A set of assorted candleholders could say “Include 2 blue and 1 clear”

SS#23 edited

When you drag and drop the Item onto the Line Items section of any Order, the Default Line Item Note will come along too.

You’ll then be able to double-click on the Note to edit it on an Order-by-Order basis.

We’re sure you think of your own creative ways to use this feature and hope it will prove to be a helpful tool.