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Quantity Change Events

RW Elephant is designed to keep track of your inventory as you acquire it and if/when you get rid of it.

In order to keep it all straight and account for changing inventory quantities over time, RW Elephant records Quantity Change Events. If you add or remove inventory, you’ll need to do so with one of these Quantity Change Events.

You’ll initially do this by creating a “New Quantity Change” as you add any new item.

Adding Items

In the future, if you acquire more of the same Item or get rid of some or all of it, you’ll need to create another Quantity Change Event.

Do this by navigating to the Item icon in the upper left corner of your browser window.

Select the Item Category and then the particular Item you need to modify.

Click on the green Edit Item button at the top of the browser window.

Click on the New button next to the Current Quantity.

In the pop-up window, fill in the fields to create the Quantity Change Event.

To add Items, enter the Acquisition Date* Quantity Acquired (should be a positive integer), and Cost per piece.

*Keep in mind that the Acquisition Date can be in the past, present or future. If you purchased the Item 2 months ago but didn’t get around to adding it to RW Elephant until now, use the real date in the past.

If you’ve ordered something but it won’t actually be available to rent until 3 weeks from today, use 3 weeks from today for your Acquisition Date. That way, RW Elephant will allow you to start putting the Item on future Orders even before it arrives at your warehouse.

Also note, the Acquisition Date for the Item must be BEFORE the Off-the-Shelf time for any Orders you’d like to add it to.

Click the Enter Quantity Change button. The Quantity will then be increased from the Acquisition Date moving forward.

Removing Items

There are 4 ways to remove Items from your RW Elephant account:

  1. Use a new Quantity Change Event
  2. Delete or Edit an existing Quantity Change Event
  3. Use a Sale Order
  4. Use a Damaged Order

1. Add a new Quantity Change Event

Use a Quantity Change Event to remove Items in these circumstances:

  • Item is damaged beyond repair
  • Item is missing
  • Item must be retired (but isn’t being sold)

If you need to remove an Item for one of the above reasons, select the Item, click the green Edit Item button.

Next to the Current Quantity, click the “New” button.

In the Quantity Change Event window that appears, enter the date the Items were/will be removed, the amount that were removed (should be a negative integer). You won’t need to include a Cost when removing Items. You can use a Quantity Change Event to remove all or just some of the Quantity that you own.

While it may seem a little complicated to create this whole new event to get rid of Items, the whole point is to keep track of what you have when you have it. So if you need to remove an Item that was rented on an Order last week, we don’t want the whole Item to just disappear. Instead, we want to keep a record that you had it but now you don’t.

2. Editing and Deleting Quantity Change Events

If you’ve made a mistake when entering a Quantity Change Event, you may Delete or Edit it. Use the Delete or Editing functions only if you want to entirely delete any record of the Item’s existence.

To Delete or Edit a Quantity Change Event, select the Item you need to modify.

Click on the “Quantity Change Events” tab for the Item.

From the table, select the line of the Quantity Change Event you’d like to Delete or Edit.

Double click on the Date, Quantity or Cost and type the correct number. If you want to delete the Quantity Change Event entirely, enter “0” for the quantity or use the “-” button in the bottom left corner of the table.

If you’ve used the Item on any Order (Proposal, Confirmed, Completed, Cancelled, Sale, Damaged or Wishlist), you will not be able to Delete the Quantity Change Event or change the Quantity to lower than the amount used on past orders.

Again, this method should only be used if you’ve made a mistake in your entry. If you want to remove an Item that is damaged beyond repair, needs to be retired, or is missing, use a Quantity Change Event (above).

3. Sale Orders

To sell an Item, use a Sale Order.

4. Damaged Orders

If an Item is damaged but can be repaired, use a Damaged Order to temporarily remove the Item.

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