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Editing, Changing, or Deleting Contacts on an Order

Within RW Elephant, there are some helpful distinctions to remember when editing and changing Contacts on Order. 

We recommend managing your Orders directly through the Contacts icon in the upper left corner of your browser window. 

But there are times when editing, removing, or replacing a contact on an Order is necessary. 

Let’s dive into the difference between EDITING & DELETING a Contact on an Order. 


Within an Order, editing a Contact means that you’re keeping a Contact connected to the Order but editing their information.

For example, if my contact is John Doe and I need to change his phone number or email I will edit his information.

To do this go to the applicable Order.

Click the green “Edit Order” button.

Hover your cursor over the green Contact name.

Click the little white arrow that appears to the right of the contact.

A pop up window will appear that says “Edit Contact”.

Click this and the Contact Info window will appear.

Enter in your changes and then click the blue “Save” button.

Click the green “Save Order” button.

Its important to note that when you Edit a Contact, it will update that Contact’s information on every Order the Contact is on.


Sometimes changes happen and you’ll need to completely switch a Contact on an Order.  

Maybe a wrong Contact was selected or the point-of-contact person for the Event has changed from the Coordinator to the Bride. 

Whatever the case, if you’re working on an Order and you need to completely change (or delete) a contact follow these quick steps

Go to the applicable Order.

Click the green “Edit Order” button.

Click on the green Contact or Venue.

Press the Delete/Backspace key on your keyboard.

The name will disappear but not the rest of the contact info.

Click the green “Save Order” button to see the rest of the info cleared.

The previously entered Contact record will be removed. Now you can leave it blank or enter a new contact.

If you want to completely delete a Contact from RW Elephant, check out Deleting a Contact

Also take a look at Merging & Archiving Contacts.