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Inventory Item Fields

These are the fields for the Inventory Items Spreadsheet. Whether you want to edit your own spreadsheet our use our sample inventory spreadsheet, using the same field names helps us all be on the same page to get you up and running as quick and smooth as possible. Please note that there are four Required fields that must be filled out for each item.

Download Sample Inventory Spreadsheet here.

Once you have a spreadsheet that includes all of the required columns, send it on over to us at We’ll do all the back-end magic to import your Inventory Items and let you know when you’re good to go.

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to manually assign photos to the Items once they are imported. That can’t be done through the spreadsheet.

Once a spreadsheet is submitted for your account you cannot go back and edit it. You will have to manually edit each item after the initial upload.

Item Name (Required) 

Custom ID

Inventory Category (Required)

Acquisition Date (Required) 

Acquisition Quantity (Required)

Acquisition Price 

Replacement Cost

Rental Price (Not Required but HIGHLY recommended.)

Predicted Number of Uses





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