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Payment Records

One of the more stressful and yet critical parts of running your rental business is trying to track and record your payments for all of your orders.

Thankfully RW takes a lot of the work out of this for you and makes it easy to see a wealth of information on each order.

When you look at any of your Orders you can click on the “Payments” tab.

Here you will see any payments and refunds that you have recorded either manually or that have been recorded automatically if you’re using the Integrated Credit Card Feature.

You’ll see the Date of the payment was recorded, the Type (Cash, Check, Card, Promotional Credit), a Reference, and the Amount.

The Reference are where you can record a note about the payment.

These payments can be edited and deleted as needed.


Adding a Payment Record is super easy.

In the bottom left corner, select the “New Payment” button.

Enter the Date the Payment was received.

Choose the Payment Type.

Select or manually enter the Amount.

Add notes about the payment under the Reference field.

Select the blue “Enter Payment” button.

Other helpful information are the Order Gauges and various Reports that can give you overviews of your payments. Also check out Recording vs. Processing a Credit Card.