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Item Videos

This feature is only included in the Herd Leader Plan

Ready to bring your online gallery to life? Not only can you upload Item Images to your Items, but you can bring some action by uploading videos to your Items as well!

For instance, show a 360 view of a lounge setting at a real event or maybe a close-up of a table setting scanning all the details. The creative possibilities are endless!

We recommend videos in MOV or MP4 formats, encoded with H.264 or H.265. Additionally, we suggest keeping file sizes below 15 MB.

Please keep in mind that audio will be removed from any video uploads.

Videos can be uploaded just like photos through the Photo Library within Items.

Once uploaded to the Photo Library, drag and drop videos to the particular Item. Upload multiple images or videos through the Images tab of the Item.

Customers will be able to peruse your inventory through images and videos using one of our Online Gallery Integrations.