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Order Tracker Metric

Use this Metric to track the number and value of upcoming Confirmed Orders & Proposals at this point in time compared to the same time last year.

Metrics are only accessible for Users with Admin permissions.

Navigate to the Metrics icon in the upper left corner of your browser window. 

The Order Tracker Metric calculates the total number and value of all Proposals and Confirmed Orders in your Account today compared to the same day last year (Does not include Sales tax or Archived Invoices).

This Metric is handy when gauging how you’re preforming this year compared to last year. For example, you may have more Confirmed Orders this year, but the value of those Orders may be less than the fewer number of Confirmed Orders last year. Or you may notice a steady increase in the amount and value of Orders from last year to this year. 

Use this metric to determine if you need to get more Proposals out, need to increase the value of current Proposals, need to upsell some add-ons to current Confirmed Orders, etc. 

The green and red Rate of Change arrows show the rate of change from today compared to the same day last year.  

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