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Related Items

With Related Items, you can add suggested items to your¬†Online Public Gallery¬†pages. For instance, add “Sam Chair” to “Smith Dining Table” so your customers can see that they work well together. These “Related Items” will show up in the “You Might Also Like” area of the Item’s page.

To add Related Items to one of your Items, start by navigating to the “Item” icon in the upper left corner of your browser window

Click on the “Related Items” tab for the item you want to add Related Items to.

Use the column of inventory that appears on the left to search for items you’d like to add. Drag and drop them in the white box to the right of the column.

Once you add an item to one item, it will show up in the “Related Items” tab reciprocally (Horton Chair is related to George Couch and George Couch is related to Horton Chair).

You can rearrange the display order of related items by dragging and dropping them at any point in the list.

Use the “Delete Related Item” button to remove an item from the list.

The label of “You Might Also Like” is editable within the WordPress Plugin Settings or through the customization options for the Squarespace & Shopify Snippets.

Please note that this feature is only available for users with the Pachyderm and Herd Leader plans. To enable this feature as a Half-Ton user, you’ll need to upgrade to one of these plans.