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Daily Payment Summary Emails

At the end of each day an email will be sent to all Admins & Editors in your RW account that summarizes any payments that have been made either online by your client or recorded manually by your team on any orders. To make changes to who receives these email notifications, see Email Permissions.

Instead of receiving an email each time a payment is made, you’ll receive a summary of all the payments made that day.

This is especially helpful in knowing when your clients have made a payment on their order.

The email will also include details on upcoming payments that are due. If you’ve enabled Stripe Integrated Credit Card Processing, you’ll see two labels next to Payments Due: AUTOPAY or MANUAL

AUTOPAY: The customer chose to Autopay their final balance and have their card on file charged automatically on the Final Balance Due Date

MANUAL: Autopay was not (or has not been) selected so the payment needs to be manually processed. Send the Client their Payment Link or get permission to charge a card on file.

See an example of the Daily Payment Summary Email below:

Here’s the rundown of the latest payment activities within your RW Elephant account:

Payments Received:

Payment Date: 6.30.22
Invoice: 10.30.22 88
Payment Amount: $2868.25
Payment Type: Credit
Balance: $2868.25
Balance Due Date: 10.23.22

All of the above invoices are now CONFIRMED.

Payments Due:

Balance Due Date: 07.01.22
Invoice: 08.01.22 Jackie Jackson 480
Balance: $397.89
Payment Method: MANUAL
Rental Rep: JaneDoe

Balance Due Date: 07.01.22
Invoice: 07.04.22 Janice Johnson 100
Balance: $1204.59
Payment Method: AUTOPAY
Rental Rep: DebDoe

If any of the above transactions should not be autopaid on their due date, please untick the “autopay” box in the payment tab of that particular order. All Invoices listed above as “Manual” will not be run automatically.

Congratulations on all your business!


Your Friends at RW Elephant

Also check out the Payment Confirmation & E-Signature Confirmation Emails that your Clients will receive when they pay through the Online Payment Page (if Stripe Integrated Credit card Processing is enabled).