Super Simple Step-by-Step Set-up System

Autopay Feature

Rental businesses typically collect a partial deposit upfront to Confirm an Order then require the Final Balance two to thirty days before the Event Date.

At RW Elephant, we want to eliminate as many pain points as possible in the process of getting from “Wow, I’d love to rent your collection.” to “That was so fabulous, I want to do it again!”

One of the biggest drains on your time, energy, and patience can be chasing the Final Balance your Clients owe you.

Since Integrated Credit Card Processing allows you to securely store a credit card on file for your Client, automatic payments are a no-brainer.

When making their initial deposit, your Clients can agree to a charge on the same card for their Final Balance on the Final Balance Due Date. 

When they tick that box on the Online Payment Page, the charge will automatically happen on the Final Balance Due Date.

If you are entering the credit card manually, you can tick the box indicating your Client has agreed to use this card for Autopay.

Please note that you can only use credit cards for Autopay that have

  1. been used for a transaction on the Order already and
  2. have been authorized for Autopay at the time of the initial transaction

If you want to use a new card for Autopay, you’ll need to make at least one payment on the new credit card. You can run this charge manually by clicking on the “New Payment” button.

Select “Credit” from the type menu.

Be sure to choose “Other Amount” and enter a number equal to or greater than $0.50.

Enter the Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and CVC.

Don’t forget to tick the “Use this card for Autopay” box before clicking the “Enter Payment” button.

The Final Balance will be automatically charged to that card on the Final Balance Due Date.

If you need to disable Autopay for an order or change the card that will be used, click on the “Update Payment Options” button.

If you don’t want any card to be automatically charged for the Final Balance on the Final Balance Due Date, untick the “Autopay this invoice” button.

If you want to change the card that will be charged, use the Autopay Card menu to select the right card.

You can also use this window to edit the Final Balance Due Date for the Order.

Click the “Save” button.