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Days Open Report

The Days Open Report gives you information on how much time has lapsed from the Date you create an Order to when it is Confirmed or Cancelled. This is a helpful tool for refining the Sales processes of your business.

You can find reports within RW Elephant by navigating to the “Reports” icon in the upper left corner of your browser window.

Within Reports, select “Days Open” from the Report Type drop-down and select the date range. 

Select a prefixed date range or enter a specific date range you’d like the report to reflect.

Users on the Herd Leader plan can also enter specific Order Tags to narrow down report results. The report will only contain Orders that include the Tag specified. If you include multiple Tags, the report will only include Orders that have BOTH Tags (not either).

Click the “Display Report” button.

A table will display of the Report that can be filtered and rearranged right within the Reports section of RW.

Untick column headers to hide them or drag and drop columns to rearrange them before downloading.

When you’re ready to download, click the “Download Report” button and the Report will generate as a spreadsheet saved to your computer. 

Once downloaded, the next time you generate the Report, RW will remember your previous filters and arrangements for quicker downloading.

With the Days Open Report, you’ll see all the pertinent information about each Order, sorted by the following columns: 

  • Order No.
  • Client
  • Coordinator
  • Venue
  • Event Date
  • Type
  • Status
  • Creation Date
  • Confirmation Date/Cancellation Date
  • Days Open
  • Taxable Subtotal
  • Nontaxable Subtotal
  • Sales Tax 
  • Order Total
  • Invoice is Taxable
  • Rental Rep (Herd Leaders Only)

The first 7 columns are pulled from the information entered in the Event & Contact Detail tab within the Order. 

The Creation Date is the date the Order was originally created. 

Confirmation Date/Cancellation Date column will show you the Date the Order was changed to Confirmed OR Cancelled. 

The next column, Days Open, calculates the amount of days the Order was open. 

This report will sort your Orders by Order Status during your selected time period. 


First, in GREEN, you’ll see your Completed & Confirmed Orders grouped together, sorted by Event Date.

At the end of each section, the Days Open column calculates the average mean amount of days Orders are open for this time period. 


The Proposal section, in YELLOW, will include a Creation Date but will leave the Confirmation Date/Cancellation Date column blank, since the Proposal is still open. 

The Days Open column will calculate from the Creation Date until Today’s date (the date the Report was generated). Please note, if you come back to this report Tomorrow, the Days Open will not be accurate; you’ll need to generate a new report. 


The Cancelled Orders, in RED, will include the Creation Date and the date they were Cancelled. 

For example, the Order was created on November 1st and cancelled on the 2nd, the Days Open would be “1”. 

Orders are Cancelled in one of two ways: 

  1. When you manually change the status of the Order to Cancelled. 
  2. If your Proposals are set to Auto-Cancel, on the Proposal Expiration Date (Order Settings). 

The point of this report is to allow you to see the sales cycle for your business and help you make decisions as you move forward with goal setting and process planning. 

For instance, you may find focusing on closing Proposals soon improves cashflow, helps focus your resources and increases your revenue overall.

Also check out the Days Open Metric.

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