Updates & Announcements

20/20 Vision on Contacts + Calendar + Collection Activity Metric + so much more!

We’re starting off 2020 by giving you more visuals on Contacts, Calendar view of Orders, Dollar & Time Utilization of your Collection, and additional Metrics.


At long last, we’re giving you the ability to manage and view all the contacts you’ve ever entered into RW. 

Just in time for Spring cleaning! Now you can merge duplicate contacts, archive old contacts, and delete unnecessary contacts. 

View each contact’s details, plus all the Orders it’s ever been added to. 

Here’s our Support Page on Contact Management to give you all the tips and tricks on how to clean up your contact records. 


With RW Planning, visually see all your Orders in month, week, day, and list view right within your RW Account. 

This Calendar view will help as you plan your deliveries and staff your warehouse for pick-ups. Also see which days are filling up with events and which days you have room to add a few more Proposals. 

Collection Activity Metric

Is it time to buy more of a piece? 

Retire it? 

Raise the price? 

The Collection Activity Metric will help you answer these questions and make informed decisions about making the most out of your inventory collection. 

See the Dollar and the Time Utilization for each item in your inventory in this new scatter plot metric. 

Additional Metrics!

Herd Leaders*, ever wonder how the Conversion Rates of your sales team compare to one another? Now you can find out within Conversion Rate Metrics! 

We’ve also added a few additional date range selections to Metrics like Total RevenueCash Flow, & Delivery Revenue

View these additional Metrics by clicking directly on the graph within Metrics to open the new view. 

*This is a Herd Leader only feature for those utilizing Rental Reps.

That’s not all! We’ve also introduced: 

Bug Fixes:

  • Update to Negative Change Events so you can Archive right away 
  • Ability to Copy & Paste within Email Templates and Terms & Conditions 
  • Search functionality updated for Online Gallery (partial words search)
  • Dashboard Quick Metrics “New Wishlists” only populate Wishlists without an Off-the-Shelf & Restock Time entered

Phew! That was a lot.