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Rental Reps for Orders

With this Herd Leader-only* feature, your Orders can be assigned to particular users in your account. Use this feature to track who is responsible for an Order within your organization.

Whenever you create a new Order, it will automatically be assigned a “Rental Rep” based on the User who creates the Order. This Rental Rep will be displayed at the bottom of the Order’s Event & Contact Details tab.

Assign a Rental Rep

The Rental Rep can also be changed manually. To do so, navigate to the Event & Contact Details tab for the Order.

Click the green “Edit Order” button then scroll to the bottom of the browser window and find the “Rental Rep” field.

Use the drop-down menu to choose the new Rental Rep.

Be sure to click the green “Save Order” button.

You can search your Orders by Rental Rep in the search field above the Order column in the upper left corner of your browser window.


Keep track of Total Conversions and Conversion Rates of Rental Reps in comparison to one another through Metrics

Within Conversion Rate Metrics, directly compare the performance of your Rental Reps in converting Proposals to Confirmed Orders. 


You can also view the Rental Rep on Reports relevant to Invoices including:

*This feature is only available with the Herd Leader monthly plan. Learn how to upgrade to Herd Leader.