Job Planning Report

The Job Planning Report is a tool for scheduling your trucks and crews.

When generating the Job Planning Report, select Orders within a specific time range. 

The Report includes the following information about the Orders organized by column:

  • Order 
  • Window Start
  • Window End
  • Length (hours)
  • Type
  • Venue
  • Volume
  • Number of Items
  • Note
  • Sort Order

The fist six columns are pulled from the Event & Contact Detail tab of the Order. 

Length represents how long the Delivery Pick Up window is in hours (2 hours long, 24 hours long, etc.). 

Volume is an important detail of this report (if you’re truly using it for Job Planning). The Volume in this column is based on the Volume for the entire Order. If you haven’t included Volume for each of the Items on the Order, the Volume will not be accurate. 

The Number of Items column is a sum of the number of items on the whole Order (if you have 10 of one chair and 3 of another, this will be 13, not 2). 

The Volume and Number of Items columns help you plan which trucks to load or how many trucks to use for each delivery run.

Sort Order gives you the ability to sort the report list by a specific date and time (i.e. 2019-01-14 12:00:00). 

Some other Reports you may find relevant when planning your deliveries are the Line Items Report and the Invoices Report.