Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

While some may think of a lemonade stand as a childhood right-of-passage or something to keep their kids busy for an afternoon, I experienced it as a window into entrepreneurship and small business ownership. I suppose I can’t help but think about what makes successful businesses tick but this sweet afternoon with my kids was kind of eye-opening actually. Here are some of the truths I was reminded about. Read more

NY + Niche Event Rentals in the News

It can be impossible to get out of your own head sometimes. You know you have challenges in your boutique event rental business and just “trying harder” isn’t solving the problem. Instead of continuing to spin your wheels, get the outside ideas, solutions, best practices, and advice that can make all the difference. Even making small tweaks to your operations, sales process, hiring practices, or workflow can reap huge dividends. Read more

Friday Q&A: Who decides how to deal with damages?

Within your event rental business, dealing with damages is a given. Accidents happen. Things get broken. Repairs and replacements will be required. As a rental business owner, how do you decide what kind of damage policy to adopt? And once you choose, do you give your customer any options? Or is there a one-size-fits-all solution? Read more

Friday Q&A: No Warehouse, No Problem

Every event rental business is going to have a Sales Process that looks a little (or A LOT) different from anyone else. Your Sales Process is going to include your script, your policies, your questions, and your solutions to the pain points your client experiences. While I can give you a blueprint or a checklist, you’re going to have to customize every aspect of it to suit you and your rental business. Read more

Friday Q&A: Who pays?

Who foots the bill for the rentals at a photo shoot? Is the photographer responsible? Is the person being photographed your customer? My answer this week is a little unconventional. Read more

How to get paid faster!

We recently did a deep-dive into some data from our RW Elephant clients. We were curious to know what payment methods were most effective at helping our users close sales faster. Do you know what we found? Read more

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