Which comes first? New website or RW Elephant account?

Whether you're new to the event rental world and just creating a website for the first time or if you're creating a new website for your established business, I'm often asked about adding RW Elephant at the same time. But what should you do first? Start an RW Elephant account or design your new site?

Just a note to say you don’t ever have to integrate RW Elephant with your website to get tremendous benefit out of the system. We have several clients who use RW Elephant to run the back end of their businesses to manage their inventory and rental orders and do not connect it to their websites. We think it is a big time-saver to integrate the two but you certainly don’t have to. If you’re not ready to create a new website right now, we think you could still greatly benefit from using RW Elephant to manage your collection and orders in your boutique event rental business.

Here are some resources to help you get started on your new website and RW Elephant adventure:

  • Start your RW Elephant trial (all of our plans start for free so you can try it out before you have to pay a dime)
  • Get in touch with us whenever you need help at help@rwelephant.com
  • Check out the RW Elephant WordPress plugin (remember we’re releasing a new plugin in spring 2018 so you’ll want to wait for our latest version but in the meantime, you can start designing your website and adding inventory items to your RW Elephant account)

You’ll also want to make sure you’ve signed up for our email newsletter. We’ll be sharing several other videos in this series about WordPress v. Squarespace v. Wix for rental businesses, SEO, and how RW Elephant actually interacts with your website. Be sure you’re on the list so you don’t miss out on this and other resources and tips.

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