I give a DAM! (no, that’s not a typo)

If you struggle to keep track of your photos, videos, and other media assets, you need a DAM: a Digital Asset Manager.

We recently started looking for a digital asset manager to centrally organize all of the images we have scattered around our collective hard drives. We found ourselves searching for a particular image that we knew existed but could never quite remember where. It had that one thing in it and it was taken that one time. But we would eventually give up and find a stock photo on Unsplash because we couldn’t find our own original image. The madness had to stop.

That’s when we discovered Airtable. We love it so much that we wanted to introduce you to it too.

We even created a copyable template so you can make your own Airtable DAM (Click the “Copy base” button in the lower right).

That’s right, we’re giving it away. We’re giving a DAM. Get it?

You’ll definitely want to customize your Airtable base to fit your specific event rental business. In fact, we already added a new Keywords column and Venue column since creating our video above. Here are some additional ways you may want to customize your DAM:

  • Create additional Views of your Assets so you can only view items that are Free to Use
  • Add an “Add to In-Use on RW” to the status column and then create a grouped view so you can easily see what images need to be updated in RW Elephant
  • Create a View that shows you only Wedding Assets or Non Wedding Assets
  • Create a Column for your Collections then create a sorted View by Collection

The possibilities are endless!

We hope that Airtable or another DAM gives you the ability to get more value out of your marketing efforts. You spend so much time curating your collections, staging shoots, promoting your businesses, and creating content. We want you to have access to all of that beautiful work whenever you need it. Reusing and recycling content rather than always having to create something new can help you increase the return on your marketing investment. You can also utilize the tools you already have instead of always having to reinvent the wheel.

We love exploring tech tools just like this that can boost efficiency, and ultimately profitability, in your event rental business. Check out our PDF Guide: Event Rental Pros Boost Productivity With These 12 Tech Tools for more resources to help you take your event rental business where you want to go.

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