SEO for Event Rental Businesses

We've talked about using Wordpress for your Event Rental Business Website. Now, I want to talk about Search Engine Optimization for a minute.

It’s true that you’ve got to get a lot of people in the top of your sales funnel in order to move them through to Proposals, Confirmed Orders, and happy Customers who refer others. In this video, I’ll talk about SEO’s role in all of that sales funnel magic.

If you’re looking for places to network with other event professionals in your neck of the woods, here are some organizations to check out. Many have local or regional branches that get together for education, networking, fundraising, or other events.

There isn’t a magic formula to networking but some things to keep in mind are that, just with any relationship-building, professional networking takes time. You’ll have to attend quite a few meetings an events before you’ll start to see referrals and business come your way. But if you stick with it and find the right group, this type of connection can be of great value to your event rental business.

Common words used in rental companies include borrowed (or borrow), luxe (or lux), unique, specialty, classic, timeless, elegant, rustic, and something. Again. we’re not suggesting you don’t use these words. But, if you do use one or more of these words, be sure you’re also including other words that allow you to have a unique combo that make you easier to find.

Concentrating on SEO could be a great boost for business if most of our ideal clients are already finding you through googling you currently. If you look back at your best clients from last year and find that they came from word-of-mouth referrals, however, you might want to focus on building up that part of your business before you invest in search engine optimization.

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