Client Spotlight: Vintage Meets Modern

We've been super excited to see how our clients are using our new Wordpress Plugin to make their websites amazing. Check out how Sherine from Vintage Meets Modern in Portland, Oregon used the Plugin to connect her new site to her RW account.

Vintage Meets Modern’s stunning WordPress-based website features an attention-grabbing homepage with direct links to the Catalog and a Key Category pages that are fueled by the RW Elephant WordPress Plugin.

Vintage Meets Modern Homepage

When visitors view the Catalog, they see all of the Categories that VMM has in their RW Elephant account. Whenever VMM adds or deletes a Category within RW, this page is updated as well. They don’t have to worry about their inventory system and their website getting out of sync.

And don’t worry, RW also allows for Hidden Categories so VMM can keep particular Categories private if they need to.

VMM Catalog

Within a particular Category, all of the Items are displayed so visitors can see everything VMM offers. We love how they’ve utilized our Additional Display Categories so some of their Items can be displayed in multiple places.

VMM Items

“I LOVE being able to connect my inventory software to my website. I had this new website designed specifically so I can use the RW plugin. The categories work great. And receiving a wishlist directly into RW is a dream come true!”

Sherine, Vintage Meets Modern

Vintage Meets Modern shows off their beautiful pieces on individual Item pages that allow them to display images, descriptions, dimensions, quantities, pricing info, and more. Website visitors can add those Items to a Wishlist that goes directly into VMM’s RW account to jumpstart the sales process. 

VMM Table

The new RW Elephant WordPress plugin also allows VMM to display all the lovely images of their items with our improved lightboxes (p.s. Herd Leaders get UNLIMITED images for every Item in their collection).

VMM Lightbox

Specialty event rental clients LOVE the convenience of being able to see a full collection and put together their own wishlist. When visitors to VMM create their Wishlists, they can add or remove Items and put together just the right pieces for their event. 

We know that your business likely requires a much higher touch sales process than a cold online transaction so this feature really increases the front-end efficiency and helps clients “raise their hands” to indicate they’re interested. We hope that this feature is a catalyst for the beginning of a very personal sales experience between you and your clients.

VMM wishlist

VMM also customized their Wishlist submission page within the new RW Elephant WordPress plugin so they could collect all of the info that’s important to them upfront. 

VMM Submit

We love how VMM uses Kits to group items in Lounges and also displays all of the elements on each Kit page so visitors can dive deep and get even more inspired by their collection.

VMM Kits

We hope you enjoyed exploring the Vintage Meets Modern site as much as we did. 

If you haven’t starting using the RW Elephant WordPress Plugin to connect your RW Elephant account to your website, hop to it!

Did you know you can also use the new WordPress Plugin to embed your payment pages on your very own site? This allows you to create an even more cohesive branded client experience. We can’t wait to see what you create! 

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