Client Spotlight: Event Rental Warehouse Tour with Stay Gold Event Rentals

Have you ever seen so many fun colors from the interior of an office all the way through a warehouse? See how Stay Gold Event Rentals created a space that screams their style from start to finish.

We are a big fan of color, and Stay Gold Event Rentals has the rainbow. In this exclusive event rental warehouse tour, Furniture Collector and Founder, Lesley Steiner, takes us through her super fun 7,500-square-foot space.

Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Stay Gold provides the whole package. From designing, to delivering, to setting up an event, their eye-catching modern and vintage style shines. Their collection knows no limits, and if you ever need a Barbie Box or a Cowboy Boot Backdrop, they’ve got you covered! Peep the cameos from the friendly Stay Gold Team and their brand new box truck!

Thanks to Stay Gold Event Rentals for sharing their space with us!

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