Organizing Your Event Rental Warehouse

Many boutique event rental business owners strive to have beautiful open-air light-filled warehouses with inspiring shelves, wow-moments for their clients, and eye-candy everywhere you look. Growing rental businesses must balance this desire, however, with the need for efficiency, safety, and savvy use of space.

As event rental pros in the boutique market, you’re always trying to balance beauty and efficiency (read: profitability). If your warehouse is jaw-dropping but also takes a million years for your crew to navigate, you may impress your potential clients but be frustrated on loading day.

We’ve found that using a system like 5S (originally developed by Hiroyuki Hurano for Japanese manufacturing companies) can help event rental businesses create— and maintain— the warehouse of their dreams.

When your warehouse is well-organized, kept clean, designed to save your team time, and keeps everyone on the same page (even if they aren’t familiar with your collection), you’ve got a win-win.

If you’re interested in implementing this system in your own warehouse, check out our free guide here.

Photo of our clients Something Vintage’s gorgeous warehouse used with permission

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