Updates & Announcements

Wishlist & Report Updates are here to stay!

Today is August 1st which means pool parities, popsicles, and family time. It also means sweet summer updates from RW Elephant!

Don’t wait another minute to check out our brand new Wishlist feature. It is going to dramatically increase your efficiency, help you get info to clients faster, and make your life easier!

You can see more details about Wishlist TermsWishlist Email Formatting, and Converting a Wishlist to a Proposal on the help forum.

You also won’t want to miss our incredibly exciting Online Wishlist Creation feature. Think online shopping for your customers with the wonderful high-touchservice they know and love from your fabulous rental company. You will love it! Your customers will love it! Basically, it is fantastic!

And as if that wasn’t enough, we are also bringing you some super New & Improved Reports! Before you check out and say that reports are boring, imagine how much easier your decision-making will be when you have numbers, info, and insight at your fingertips! Here’s a list of what we’ve been cooking up for you:


Cost for Inventory • Revenue by Item

Accounts Receivable • Sales Tax

Revenue by Client • Revenue by Coordinator • Revenue by Venue

Discounts by Instance • Discounts by User


Inventory Report • Item Utilization Report • Invoices Report

Payments Report by Event Date • Payments Report by Payment Date

Please please let us know what you think! We’d love to hear your feedback!


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