Sign In / Log Out

To Log into the app all you need are your RW credentials.

Dashboard and Menu iOS App

Every time you log in to the app you’ll land on the Dashboard. From here you’ll see your logo, the user that’s logged in and icons for Items, Orders, Create a Wishlist, View Tutorials, and Get Support.

Items iOS App

To access your Inventory Items start by taping on the Items icon from either the Dashboard or the side Menu.

Adding an Item to iOS App

To add an Item tap the Item’s icon from the Dashboard or Menu.

Item Details and Editing iOS App

Tapping on an Item from the Item’s section will take you to the Item’s page where you can view details about the Item.

New Quantity Change Event iOS App

To add a New Quantity Change Event to a new or existing Item, find the applicable item from your list of items.

Deleting a Line Item iOS App

To delete a Line Item slide your finger to the left along the line item.

Orders Overview and Details iOS App

All Orders can be viewed on the app but only Wishlists can be created.

Order Line Items iOS App

Within the RWE iOS App, add and edit Line Items on any Order.

Order Payments iOS App

Here you will be able to see payment details for the Order including Subtotal, Tax, Total, Payments made, Final Due Date, and Balance Due.

Create a Wishlist iOS App

Creating a wishlist easily and on-the-go.

Deliveries iOS App

Keeping track of an Order throughout the delivery process.

Order Checklists iOS App

Delivery Checklists allow your crew to keep track of Items at each stage of an Order.

Network Connection iOS App

Have peace of mind should you lose service when working on a Delivery Checklist in the iOS App.

FAQs iOS App

Answering Frequently Asked Questions about the iOS App.

Need Additional Support?