iOS Application

Deliveries iOS App

Your crew can keep track of an Order at each stage of the delivery process.

From the App Dashboard, select the “Deliveries” icon. 

Your list of Orders will be displayed and organized by date.

Filter and sort Orders further by selecting the “Filter” icon in the upper right corner. 

Select which type of Orders to hide or display. The blue checkmarks denote which Order Statuses and Types will be hidden. 

Even select how you would like to sort Orders: by Event Date, Delivery Date or Return Date.

Select “Done” when finished.

To view Delivery information, select an Order. 

The Delivery Detail will be displayed at the top of the Order followed by the following tabs:

  1. Order Checklists
  2. Order Dates
  3. Order Detail

Let’s dive into what each of these entails…

Order Checklists

Delivery Checklists keep track of what’s been loaded or delivered at each stage of an Order. 

There are five Checklists available for each Order:

  1. Pull Checklist – for pulling Items from the shelf within the warehouse
  2. Load Checklist – for loading Items into the Delivery truck at the warehouse
  3. Delivery Checklist* – for unloading Items at the Venue 
  4. Pickup Checklist* – for picking up Items after the event
  5. Restock Checklist – for restocking Items back at your warehouse

*Delivery and Pickup Checklists allow for Client Signatures before and after the event.

View completed Checklists within the Desktop version of your Account under the “Checklists” tab of the Order. 

Order Dates

This tab displays the Event, Delivery, and Return Windows for the Order.

Order Detail

View all important Order Detail from Contact information, Addresses, and Order Notes. 

Call Clients, Coordinators, or Onsite Contacts by selecting the green phone button next to their phone number. 

Select the Venue’s address to open it within Apple Maps for quick & easy navigation to the event.