New Webinar! RW Elephant WordPress Plugin Set-up & Best Practices

You've been loving our new RW Elephant Rental Inventory WordPress Plugin. In this on-demand webinar, we dive deep to help you get more out of this feature-rich extension of your RW Elephant account.

Join us to learn about: 

  • Functions of RW Elephant WordPress Plugin
  • Best Practices for Web Design & Development
  • RW Elephant WordPress Plugin Version 2 Set-up & Configuration
  • Plugin Customization
  • Troubleshooting Issues & FAQs

Jump to:

2:04 Functions of RW Elephant WordPress Plugin

2:50 Musical Chairs Example 

4:49 Best Practices for Web Design & Development 

21:04 RW Elephant WordPress Plugin Version 2 Set-up & Configuration 

32:08 Settings Configuration 

35:56 Transitioning from WordPress Plugin V1 to V2 

48:38 Configuring RW Elephant Plugin Settings 

1:06:49 Plugin Customization 

1:15:25 Embedded Payment Pages 

1:16:46 Additional Display Categories 

1:22:01 Client Spotlight Examples 

1:26:12 Troubleshooting Issues 

1:29:48 FAQs

Helpful Links:

RW Elephant Rental Inventory WordPress Plugin

RentMusicalChairs (our sample site with the WordPress Plugin)

Recommended WordPress Hosts: WPEngineKinstaFlywheel

Caching in RWElephantland Explained in Less Than Five Minutes

RW Elephant WordPress Plugin Installation & Configuration Documentation

Customizing Template Documentation

Regenerate Thumbnails Plugin

Additional Display Categories (Herd Leaders Only)

Related Items (Herd Leaders Only)

Client Spotlights: Vintage Meets Modern and Gather & Lounge

Display PHP Version Plugin

Have Questions? 

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