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Customizing Templates

Version 2.1 of the RW WordPress Plugin includes a brand new template engine allowing for further customization. Advanced WordPress users and developers can use the new template engine to change layouts and rearrange, remove or add components using WordPress Hooks and custom HTML, CSS & PHP.

This post describes customization for our RW Elephant Rental Inventory WordPress Plugin.


We highly recommend following WordPress best practices when adding Theme customizations. It’s rarely a good idea to add customizations directly to your Parent Theme, unless you have full understanding of what that entails (e.g. if you’re using a pre-made Theme to build your site design with that regularly receives updates, customizations made to Parent Theme files will be overwritten when updates are applied). Please use a Child Theme if making customizations to a pre-built Theme.


  1. Make a copy of the “/templates/” folder (found in the root directory of the plugin) and move to the root directory of the current theme. eg: “/wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/”.
  2. Rename the “/templates/” folder “/rw-elephant/”.
  3. Duplicate “page.php” of the current theme, rename it “gallery-page.php” and place it in the “/rw-elephant/” directory in the theme root. eg: “/wp-content/themes/twentyseventeen/rw-elephant/gallery-page.php”.
  4. Duplicate “single.php” of the current theme, rename it “single-item.php” and place it in the “/rw-elephant/” directory in the theme root. eg: “/wp- content/themes/twentyseventeen/rw-elephant/single-item.php”.


  • rw_elephant_settings_tabs – class-options.php – Filter the settings tabs.
  • rw_elephant_product_slug – rw-elephant-inventory-gallery.php – Filter the product slug.
  • rw_elephant_categories – class-gallery.php – Filter the visible category types.
  • rw_elephant_all_rentals_text – class-gallery.php – Filter the text for the ‘All Rentals’ category.
  • rw_elephant_item_base – class-plugin.php – Filter the slug for the item (eg: /item/). Default: item
  • rw_elephant_api_args – class-api.php – Filter the API request query arguments sent to RW Elephant.
  • rw_elephant_api_request_args – class-api.php – Filter the actual arguments passed into wp_remote_get.
  • rw_elephant_no_products_text – class-gallery.php – Filter the ‘No Rentals Found.’ string displayed, when no rentals were found for a given category.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_add_button_text – helpers.php – Filter the text for the ‘Add to Wishlist’ button.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_remove_button_text – helpers.php – Filter the text for the ‘Remove from Wishlist’ button.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_button_class – helpers.php – Filter the classes added to the ‘Add to Wishlist’ link/button. Default: ‘button’
  • rw_elephant_cache_api_data – class-api.php – Filter to disable the caching of API data. Helpful for debugging. Boolean value. Default: true
  • rw_elephant_cache_expiration – class-api.php – Filter the length of time that the API data is cache. Default: 12 hours. (12 * HOURS_IN_SECONDS)
  • rw_elephant_action_links – helpers.php – Filter the links displayed on the single item page. ie: Pinterest, Questions etc.
  • rw_elephant_show_wishlist_add_more_link – class-wishlist.php – Filter whether the ‘Add More Items’ link should display.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_add_more_text – class-wishlist.php – Filter the ‘Add More Items’ link text.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_add_more_class – class-wishlist.php – Filter the class names added onto the ‘Add More Items’ button.
  • rw_elephant_show_wishlist_submit_link – class-wishlist.php – Filter whether the ‘Submit Wishlist’ link should display.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_submit_text – class-wishlist.php – Filter the ‘Submit Wishlist’ link text.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_submit_class – class-wishlist.php – Filter the class names added onto the ‘Submit Wishlist’ button.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_action_class – class-wishlist.php – Filter the class added to both wishlist action links. Default: [ ‘button’ ]
  • rw_elephant_gallery_themes – class-options.php – Filter the list of available gallery themes. Allows users to inject their own gallery theme names.
  • rw_elephant_gallery_shortcode_atts – class-gallery.php – Filter to add/remove shortcode attributes for [rw-elephant-gallery]. Default: []
  • rw_elephant_render_gallery_header – class-gallery.php – Toggle the visibility of the gallery header. Boolean. Default: true.
  • rw_elephant_display_inventory_categories – class-gallery.php – Filter to allow users to disable the category links on the gallery listing. Boolean. Default: true
  • rw_elephant_single_item_post_object – class-template-loader.php – Filter the single item $post object.
  • rw_elephant_invoice_post_object – class-template-loader.php – Filter the invoice $post object.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_email_headers – class-wishlist-api.php – Filter the wishlist email headers.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_email_subject – class-wishlist-api.php – Filter the wishlist email subject.
  • rw_elephant_wishlist_form_fields – submit-wishlist.php – Filter the wishlist form fields.


  • rw_elephant_after_item_detail_* – helpers.php – Action to add content after the item detail section on single item listing.
  • rw_elephant_item_detail_*_top – helpers.php – Action to add content at the top of the item detail section on single item listing.
  • rw_elephant_item_detail_*_bottom – helpers.php – Action to add content to the bottom of the item detail section on single item listing.


Bundled with the plugin are a number of helper methods to help with various aspects of the plugin such as detecting when on the gallery page, or when viewing a single product.

  • is_rwe_gallery – Determine when the user is viewing the gallery page or any category on the gallery page. eg: “/gallery” or “/gallery/chairs”
  • is_rwe_single – Determine when the user is viewing a single inventory product. eg: “/inventory/item/123”


Pluggable functions are functions built into the core plugin code that can be overridden in another plugin, mu plugin or theme.

  • rwe_title – Function which generates the markup for the product title in the gallery.
  • rwe_thumbnail – Function which generates the markup for the product thumbnail in the gallery.
  • rwe_url – Function which generates the URL for the product in the gallery.


Note: All examples below should be wrapped in a custom function hooked into after_setup_theme.

function custom_remove_actions() {

   // Add action/remove action here...

add_action( 'after_setup_theme', 'custom_remove_actions' );

Here are a few examples of altering the templates with the new template engine.

Example 1: Swap Product Image Slider & Product Content Sides
 * Swap the slider and product content side
 * (ie: Image slider on right, product content on left)
remove_action( 'rw_elephant_product_content', 'rwe_image_slider', 10 );
remove_action( 'rw_elephant_product_content', 'rwe_product_content', 15 );

add_action( 'rw_elephant_product_content', 'rwe_product_content', 10 );
add_action( 'rw_elephant_product_content', 'rwe_image_slider', 15 );
Example 2: Remove Breadcrumbs
// Remove Breadcrumbs
add_filter( 'rw_elephant_inventory_breadcrumbs', '__return_false' );
Example 3: Remove Wishlist Bottom Action Links (Add More Items & Submit Wishlist)
// Remove Action Links From Wishlist Bottom
remove_action( 'rw_elephant_wishlist_bottom', 'rwe_wishlist_action_links', 10 )

Also check out our Webinar onĀ RW WordPress Plugin Set-up & Best Practices.