Client Spotlight: Event Rental Warehouse Tour with Bee Lavish

How do you keep your inventory organized? Check out how Bee Lavish utilizes space and resources to streamline their workflow from their sales process all the way to delivery.

Have you ever seen such a well-organized space? In this exclusive rental warehouse tour, the Bee Lavish Team shares their secrets to making their 1,000-square-foot showroom and 5,000-square-foot warehouse beautiful and functional.

This family-owned business based in Austin, Texas, was started in 2012 by Denise Stone. Whether you want vintage or modern details for your event, they’ve got you covered. We love their use of tags to not only identify their pieces, but also to showcase what is new to the collection.

They’ve thought of everything to make their workflow seamless from organizing their Will-Call and Delivery PDFs to equipping each of their bars with wheels for easy transportation.

Thanks to Bee Lavish for sharing their space with us!

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