Lessons From Napa: Differentiate Your Rental Business

My family just took a little trip to the California Wine Country. We spent three days in the Napa Valley and enjoyed delicious meals, incredible views, and lovely wine tastings. While I “wasn’t” working on this mini vacation, I couldn’t turn my business brain off. Everywhere I looked I saw gorgeous vineyards and incredible opportunities.

Napa Valley

Napa Valley alone has over 400 wineries. That means there are 400 companies selling the same product within the 30-mile-long valley. That’s a lot of competition!

As we traveled from one winery to the next, I was struck by how well each did at differentiating their product. As a new pour was served, we were told about oakiness, black cherry flavors, and tannin. Describing the flavor profile pointed to the unique aspects of each wine.

In addition to the flavor, however, each winery we visited spoke about their other distinctive qualities. I heard about time in barrels, types of barrels, fermentation processes, fertilizer, and weather. In a sea of hundreds of competitors, it was essential for each winery to tell us what made them different.

This tactic is important for rental businesses as well. While you might think your customers know what makes you different from the rental business down the street, it is important to take the time to tell them. Incorporating what makes you distinct in your sales process will highlight your strengths. Take advantage of the opportunity you have to tell your customers what you do best.

Telling customers what differentiates you could make all the difference when they decide who they want to rent from.

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