Close More Rentals: Tell Your Customers What To Do

I recently threw a party for a friend. She had just completed her Ph.D. and we were ready to celebrate. We sent out invitations, made decorations, put up lights… the whole nine yards. It was definitely a DIY-type of party but I did hire two pros; food & photo booth.… Read more

Lessons From Napa: Fewer Choices

I recently passed a billboard saying “Imagine a football stadium filled with flooring. That’s us.” The sentiment behind that message is that they have virtually unlimited choices.… Read more

Lessons From Napa: Scarcity

While in the Napa Valley, I was struck by one thing every winery has in common; scarcity. At each vineyard and every tasting, you hear the phrase, “We only make X cases of this wine.”… Read more

Lessons From Napa: Rental Business Aesthetics

While in Napa last week, I was struck by the role aesthetics play in business. While many companies pay attention to their logo, online personality, or printed materials, few are very thoughtful about aesthetics throughout the customer relationship.… Read more

Lessons From Napa: Differentiate Your Rental Business

My family just took a little trip to the California Wine Country. We spent three days in the Napa Valley and enjoyed delicious meals, incredible views, and lovely wine tastings. While I “wasn’t” working on this mini vacation, I couldn’t turn my business brain off. Everywhere I looked I saw gorgeous vineyards and incredible opportunities.… Read more

Get Your Customers To Dig Deeper On Your Website

Think about all it takes to get a single customer to your website. First, they have to hear about your company (sometimes as many as seven times!). Then, they have to remember your website address while they are actually in a spot where they can go online.… Read more