Smart People I Learn From

I love the idea of reading business books. I buy them, download them, or borrow them. And then I remember how busy I am. I usually let them sit around for days, weeks, or years.… Read more

Resources for Event Rental Companies

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the amazing resources we have in the event industry. Peers, colleagues, and even competitors can be a great help to young and growing event rental businesses.… Read more

Credit Card Security For Rental Businesses

In today’s economy, accepting credit cards is second nature. Nowadays you can even pay for a Craigslist purchase with your plastic so your customers will certainly expect to be able to pay for their event rentals with a credit card.… Read more

Close More Rentals: Tell Your Customers What To Do

I recently threw a party for a friend. She had just completed her Ph.D. and we were ready to celebrate. We sent out invitations, made decorations, put up lights… the whole nine yards. It was definitely a DIY-type of party but I did hire two pros; food & photo booth.… Read more

Lessons From Napa: Fewer Choices

I recently passed a billboard saying “Imagine a football stadium filled with flooring. That’s us.” The sentiment behind that message is that they have virtually unlimited choices.… Read more