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Musings by RW Elephant about running a successful Niche Event Rental Business

Three Ways to Grow Your Event Rental Business Today

We're all looking for a quick-fix, instant profit-generating magic bullet aren't we? You spend millions of hours working in your event rental business and sometimes it feels like you're treading water. I've got 3 things that are sure to help you grow your business. And you should start doing them today.… Read more

New Three Question Survey: Discounts

We get asked A LOT of questions about running a successful event rental business. We love sharing our knowledge and expertise. But sometimes, we want to be the askers....… Read more

What am I grateful for?

So, how do you run a successful event rental business, keep your cool, and not lose your mind? Well, you've got to have systems in place to make managing your inventory and orders efficient. You also have to think about what you'll do when disaster strikes (sad but true). But I think one ingredient we often overlook is gratitude.… Read more

Join us at Be Sage Conference 2015!

The event industry is full of amazing people eager to learn, grow, and support one another. I wouldn't want to miss this opportunity to swap stories, dream about new ideas, and meet some comrades-in-arms. Business ownership isn't for the light-of-heart (am I right?)--I'm looking forward to connecting with some fellow warriors.… Read more

The Big RW Elephant Update Is Almost Here!

The launch of our brand new website and updated application are just around the corner— Sunday, July 12th! As loyal RWers, we certainly want you to be the first to know about the changes that are a-comin!… Read more