The Elephant in the Blog

Musings by RW Elephant about running a successful Niche Event Rental Business

How to get paid faster!

We recently did a deep-dive into some data from our RW Elephant clients. We were curious to know what payment methods were most effective at helping our users close sales faster. Do you know what we found?… Read more

We love #EventProfs!

In this month-o-Love, we're working to raise awareness of and money for The SEARCH Foundation. Our industry is full of amazing and caring individuals and small businesses. The help that SEARCH provides when disaster strikes makes all the difference.… Read more

Amplify Your Event Rental Business' Marketing Message

Once you have decided to promote your niche event rental business through a particular channel, I want you to get every last drop of potential out of the opportunity. Here are some tips for amplifying your marketing efforts.… Read more

2017 Event Rental Success Groups

Do you ever wonder how other Event Rental Businesses deal with the problems you're facing? Wouldn't it be great to hear how others in your position handle damages? How do they find their crew members? What is their deposit policy? Where do their ideal clients come from? What is their average rental amount? How much do they charge for delivery?… Read more

Five Mistakes Event Rental Pros Make & How To Avoid Them

I talk to A LOT of event rental business owners. We connect via social media, through an email referral, or actually meet in person (shocker!). I love hearing their stories, finding out what inspires them, and learning about their challenges. Sometimes people get pretty real when sharing with me— I’ve heard about the good, the bad, and the ugly.… Read more

How to Start a Boutique Event Rental Business

There are a million places to begin when it comes to starting a successful event rental business. I have quite a few opinions on the subject but I wanted to share three initial steps to focus on.… Read more