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Musings by RW Elephant about running a successful Niche Event Rental Business

I give a DAM! (no, that's not a typo)

We recently started looking for a digital asset manager to centrally organize all of the images we have scattered around our collective hard drives. We found ourselves searching for a particular image we knew existed but could never remember where. It had that one thing in it and was taken that one time. But would eventually give up and find a stock photo on Unsplash because we couldn't find our own original image. The madness had to stop.

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SEO for Event Rental Businesses

It's true that you've got to get a lot of people in the top of your sales funnel in order to move them through to Proposals, Confirmed Orders, and happy Customers who refer others. In this video, I'll talk about SEO's role in all of that sales funnel magic.… Read more

How do RW Elephant & Wordpress work together?

Do you wonder how exactly RW Elephant plays together with Wordpress? What does it do? What part do you need to set up and what does RW take care of? This video is for you! We'll talk about how RW Elephant works together with your Wordpress website to create event rental magic!… Read more

Which comes first? New website or RW Elephant account?

Whether you're new to the event rental world and just creating a website for the first time or if you're creating a new website for your established business, I'm often asked about adding RW Elephant at the same time. But what should you do first? Start an RW Elephant account or design your new site?… Read more

Friday Q&A: Marketing Know-How

There is definitely some “luck” involved in entrepreneurship. But I don’t want you to discount the power you have to observe, notice, adjust, and get the results you want.… Read more

Friday Q&A: Harnessing the Power of Incentives

If you do decide to offer a discount policy or a referral program, make it great! Create an exclusive club for them to join or make a "platinum status" available only to planners. I would encourage you to have a clearly defined policy. It should also be something that you are transparent about (maybe even have on your website). In order for it to not feel icky or under-handed (especially to your end client), you don’t want it to be a secret. You also want to leverage it to get more business from planners and venues. Don't hide it, make it attractive and something people want to get in on.… Read more

Lessons from a Lemonade Stand

While some may think of a lemonade stand as a childhood right-of-passage or something to keep their kids busy for an afternoon, I experienced it as a window into entrepreneurship and small business ownership. I suppose I can’t help but think about what makes successful businesses tick but this sweet afternoon with my kids was kind of eye-opening actually. Here are some of the truths I was reminded about.… Read more