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UPDATE: iOS App 2.0 + Delivery Crew User Role + Bug Fixes

Digital Checklists, Deliver Crew User Role, and squashing Bugs, oh my!

RWE iOS App 2.0

Want to take RW where ever you go? Want to keep things digital out on Deliveries?

We’ve taken things to a whole new level with the newest version of the RW Elephant iOS App.

RWE iOS 2.0 now includes:
1. Delivery Checklists (Pull, Load, Delivery, Pick-up & Restock)
2. Ability to Call Clients right from the App
3. One-click Maps for Venues

With Delivery Checklists, your crew can track Items at every stage of the delivery process—from pulling to restocking and every step in between. You can even take pictures of damages and collect Client Signatures right within the App.

All RW Users will notice this update because of the new Checklist tab within Orders.

Here’s our support page on Deliveries and Order Checklists to learn more!

Download the newest version of the RWE iOS App onto your iPhone or iPad from the Apple store.

App store

Its also live on this page.

Delivery Crew User Role

With the release of our iOS 2.0 comes a new User Role for Delivery Crew members!

The Delivery Crew User Role limits permissions to only what’s necessary for Delivery and keeps your pricing and payment info private. Find out more about this new role and all other User Roles on our User Permissions support page.

Bug Fixes

We’ve also cleaned up some pesky bugs on the backend things of RW. You’ll feel this boost especially when viewing available inventory and adding multiple Line Items to an Order. We’ve also enhanced Quantity Change Event checking to be more efficient and streamlined.

It may all sound like technical talk, but let’s just say RW can do much more now in split second than you might notice on the surface. 

Some other cool additions we’ve introduced: 

We hope you’ll love all of these new features! As always, be sure to log out of RW, clear your cache, and then log back in to experience all of the goodness of this new update.