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UPDATE: Email Enhancements, Image Descriptions, WordPress Plugin 2.2.11 & more

New features to kick off 2021!

Email Permissions

Email Permissions

We’re giving you the reigns to decide who should receive email notifications from RW Elephant.

By default, these emails are sent based on the level of User Permission.

Now you can choose more granularly who you want to receive the following emails: Daily Payment Summary Email, Wishlist Submission Emails, E-Signature Confirmation, and Monthly Billing.

Head to Account Settings to configure your Email Permissions.

BCC Emails

BCC Emails

Keep track of all the emails you send your Clients from RW by including a BCC email address that will also receive a blind copy.

BCC your sales manager or even your CRM to better manage all the communication you’ve sent a Client about their event.

Check out the new BCC field within Email Templates.

Image Descriptions

Image Descriptions

Make your website more accessible, all the while boosting SEO, through Image Descriptions.

Image Descriptions are simply a way to put into words what can be visually seen in an image.

This update is for our friends who have integrated their RW inventory on their website through one of our Gallery Options.

For those on the WordPress Plugin, be sure to update to 2.2.11 to make Image Descriptions available on your site.

Perpetually Updating PDF Links

Perpetually Updating PDF Links

Create clarity and save time by sending your Clients a link to their Invoice that’s up-to-date no matter when they view it.

Within Orders, we’ve added a new drop-down option for Invoice PDFs. Choose to Copy or Email the PDF Link.

The link that generates here is a Perpetually Updating PDF Link; any time this link is viewed, it will be the current version.

Find out more about Sending Invoice PDF Links.

Other Updates