Updates & Announcements

December 2022 Updates

Rounding out 2022 with new features to help you continue to grow in the new year!

Order History

Keep track of changes and emails over the life time of an Order with the new Order History feature. The “History” tab within Orders will give you:

  1. A timeline of the edits and saves for the particular Invoice
  2. Email history of automated emails sent on your behalf from RW
  3. New History Email Address to track emails you send to customers outside of RW

Check out all that Order History can do here!

Custom Email Templates

In addition to the existing default Email Templates, create and schedule your own automated emails to customers. Now you have the ability to draft email notifications that will send to clients based on various event triggers.

For instance, make sure your customers don’t forget to pay on time with a notification two days before their Final Balance is due. Never miss a sales opportunity by reminding customers that their Proposal is expiring in a few days.

Craft email notifications that elevate your workflow and save you time on follow ups. Find out more about Email Templates here.

2022 Most Popular Pieces

Drum roll for your top 10 most popular pieces of 2022! We’ve crunched the numbers on the pieces that went out the most this year on rental orders*. Find out which pieces topped the charts in your rental collection.

From the Dashboard of your RW Elephant Account, select the “Let’s go!” button to generate your top ten. Customize and download sharable Posts & Stories with fonts and colors that best reflect your brand.

*Rental use was calculated by the number of Confirmed Orders a Rental Item was rented on in 2022. If an Order had 200 of the Molly Chair, that would count as 1 use for that particular Item, not 200. 

Only Rental Items that have “Display in public gallery” ticked will appear in top ten for Pachyderm & Herd Leaders. Rental Items are not limited to those parameters for Half-Tons.

Other Updates:

  • Apple Pay is now available for users with Integrated Credit Card Processing.
  • Line Breaks in Item Descriptions are now supported in our Online Gallery integrations.