Updates & Announcements

April 2023 Updates

New backend features to make running your rental biz even smoother.

Internal Items

Internal Items are for things you need on delivery day but that you don’t necessarily need your customer to see on Invoices.

Maybe you don’t want your team to forget the 6-foot ladder or two hand trucks to move your precious vintage china.

Mark items as “Internal Items” and RW will be sure your crews don’t forget their tools without bogging down your customers’ Invoices.

Learn more about the new Internal Item Type.

Tight Turnarounds

Your past self may have confidently promised your blush settee to two brides with back to back events in a weekend. But now that event day is here, you’re questioning the mental logistic gymnastics you’ll have to do to make such a commitment a reality.

The Tight Turnarounds Report will populate with any Orders that have a “tight turn” in the given time frame. You’ll define what makes a “tight turn” within your Account under Order Settings. For you, is it Orders that are within 48 hours or 1 week of another?

You define the parameters and RW’s Tight Turnarounds Report will give you insight into what’s coming off Orders and which Orders it’s going back out on.

Learn more about Tight Turnarounds.

Catalog & Item Labels

The new Catalog feature makes your rental pieces shine in a curated PDF download. Share your catalog with other vendors or potential clients as they enter your warehouse.

All Items with a quantity of 1 or more and that have “Display in public gallery” ticked will appear in the Catalog. 

New Item Labels are here to make organizing your warehouse a breeze. Download and print out the labels to use as place markers for your rental pieces throughout your warehouse. Now your crew will never forget what goes where.

All Items with a quantity of 1 or more will generate Item Labels. 

Other Updates

  • Ability to change Currency that appears on Invoice PDFs — update within Payment Settings
  • Ability to choose date formatting (MM.DD. YYYY vs. DD.MM.YYYY) — update within Company Information
  • Added Secondary Sales Tax Support
  • Updated spacing between fields within Order History
  • Updated misspelling on Online Payment Pages
  • Updated New User Email set password hyperlinks